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Goldfish: Oranda with short tail from http://www.goldfishchina.com, nice blue on the back, I want to go to this goldfish farm. {tae}

Oranda with Butterfly is a new kinds China freshwater Goldfish.It's have oranda in short tail characteristic.

This would be great for bettas! Or shrimp. Nice cube tanks.  Fluval ebi tanks are like these. These tanks are being discontinued.

This would be great for bettas! Actually my husband is building a series of 25 tanks on shelving supports w/ sumps and filters- racks in a matte black now.

Review: Alarma en Estados Unidos por enormes peces dorados...

fruitelf: A goldfish named Bruce is lifted from the water at a fish farm in Dongguan, China, in Photograph by Bobby Yip/Reuters

Goldfish Varieties : A Brief Look At Some Of The Many Types

Goldfish Varieties: A Brief Look at Some of the Many Types

Pearlscale goldfish is one of the fancy goldfish and it take time to get acquainted with them.