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This picture is a great reminder of why, even though I'm glad to be back in Wyoming, I really miss the Palouse sometimes.  It has some great colors to decorate an office or spare bedroom around.

Palouse Sunset Photograph - Rainbow of Colors - Farmland Landscape Washington State


"Palouse Lupine Rays" Description: This is an image of spring lupine shot at sunset from Steptoe Butte in the Palouse Region of Washington State.

Olympia, Washington  I Would love to have a tree like this in my yard!

Brilliant Red, Olympia, Washington photo via fgolden. I love bright red in fall. Reminds me of my favorite tree that was out the window across the hall in my college dorm.

Todd Mortensen - Ruby Beach, Washington, Sunset, Snow storm photo

"After the Storm" : Ruby Beach, Washington : Todd Mortensen Photography