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Marvel Comics: X-Men. Character: Kitty Pride. Version: Original Design Swimsuit. Cosplayer: Megan Mobley 'aka' Uncanny Megan 'aka' Cheecker Cosplay. Photo: Dallas Nagata White.

Yikes! Velma is here! long time due, I did some minor changes on her face and details. hope you LIKE it and share it! thanks you!

Character: Kitty Pryde / From: MARVEL Comics 'Uncanny X-Men' / Cosplayer: Megan Mobley (aka Cheecker Cosplay, aka Uncanny Megan) / Photo: Dallas Nagata White

Miyuki cosplay ❤️ Throwback to the time I designed my own swimsuit for Heartseeker Akali. ❤️ Whoever said pool party cosplays take no effort? Aside from sewing the swimsuit, wig styling, and make-up application, staying fit also takes at least 150 hours a year! 😈😈😈 Pool Party (Heartseeker) Akali Cosplay. Photo by GQBravo #TBT

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