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Ruth Palmer 'Urban Feel' 4-piece Metal Wall Art Set by ALL MY WALLS

Irish Artist - Linda Brunker, metal sculpture. #art #metal #sculpture. Beautiful and serene, don't you think? More

What if something like this was done with a non-idealized female body type in order to realize it's objectification? For example, the wires could be "cutting in" to the flesh of an overweight figure as it hangs... Could be called "For Your Consideration"

12 Rustic Metal Projects for Your Backyard - Page 13 of 13

Rusted Metal Sculptures Sometimes, the only metal touch your garden needs lies in a simple sculptures. If you aren’t willing to make one, you can always buy one, or reclaim a great piece from the junkyard.

Twister - The Movie...My favorite movie of all times..even after my house got hit by an I would so love to have this sculpture....