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How to make an herbal tincture, by WikiHow

Make an Herbal Tincture

How to Make an Herbal Tincture. Tinctures are concentrated herbal extracts that are made using alcohol and chopped herbs. The tincture is especially effective in drawing out the essential compounds of plants, especially those that are.

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5 Reasons Why Juicing Turmeric Is Good For You

ragweed tincture works for most people who have ragweed allergies- make it this year for next year- must sit for at least six weeks.

Ragweed tinture, tea or powder from dried leaves of young plant may help to overcome Ragweed allergies naturally

DIY All-Natural Herbal Cough Drops. This DIY cough drops are made with herbal tea and honey or cane sugar. You can add any herbs as you like. Check out the herb options list and the tutorial via

Homemade Cough Drops and Syrups Recipes

DIY Healthy Herbal Cough Drops Recipe (Great list of medicinal herbs you can use) / Plant Medicine

#Drink your way to real health... Doctors won't tell you this...Andrew Norton Webber and early death from distilled water

Andrew talks about the early death hoax and how distilled water works on the body helping heal all diseases

Multivitamin Tincture Recipe for kids or adults- super healthy, inexpensive and easy!

Liquid Multivitamin Tincture Recipe

How to Make a Multivitamin Tincture (Recipe) herbsandoilshub. Wonderful recipe for an herbal liquid multivitamin.

Susun Weed - Herbal Medicine: Advice, Articles, Books, Workshops, Intensives, Apprenticeship, Correspondence Courses

Susun Weed - Herbal Medicine:Check it out!

Health Benefits of Goldenrod - Herbal Academy of New England blog

Health Benefits of Goldenrod - Herbal Academy of New England

Black Salves for Cancer

Black and yellow salves are sometimes referred to as botanical surgery. The salve is a thick paste made of native American herbs, with the main herbal component being the blood root.

Plantain Salve Recipe (Homemade First Aid Ointment)The Mommypotamus |

Plantain Salve Recipe (Homemade First Aid Ointment)

Plantain (common weed) Salve Recipe (Homemade First Aid Ointment)The Mommypotamus

Natural Respitory Remedy with Elderberry and Plantain

Natural Cough Remedies and a Recipe for Elderberry Cough Syrup

10 Elderflower Recipes and Remedies to Enjoy

10 Elderflower Recipes And Remedies

Here is an assortment of elderflower recipes and remedies to try yourself. Like me, I hope you find the flower an alluring early-summer resource!

How to make a Decoction

Herbalism 2 – How to make a Decoction

How To Make A Decoction - Herbalism Basics 2 )O( )O( Definitely going to make a decoction &/or infusion before making lotions, soaps, or other herbalism remedy in the process.