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Jealousy is hate and it hurts others. No one knows the struggles we have. Jealousy is an insecurity.

Putting in your contact inside out hurts like hell. | 23 Terrible Moments That Are Too Real For People Who Wear Contacts

I'll say it again, You're an UGLY UGLY PERSON INSIDE & OUT & I really don't care what u think of me S.S.S. Your opinion and all the bullshit you talk about me are just as invalid as you are. You truly are the biggest joke. *P.S. Just to REassure you & your insignificant insecurities, I moved on a long time ago & I could fucking care less about that parasitic louse of a useless person you so proudly call "your man".Good Luck breaking your back (& wallet) for that one, ***I don't envy you.***

I love this quote because it says "so many years of education"... it blows my mind how little our educational system teaches us about emotional wellness & health which yes, is just as important as your actual physical health. The way you treat others is a reflection of how you treat yourself. Life is a projection from the inside out. We don't connect the dots that maybe the person who hates you probably hates them self. Can we blame them if no one else cares to teach them anyth

Let's aspire to use our mouths with Godly purpose. To build...not to break. To bless...not to badger. To encourage...not to embitter. To praise...not to pounce. LOVE this!! ❤️

True beauty is the light in your soul. Be who you are. Glow, from the inside out - Wise words via @teawithmeaus x #MondayswithMOR #MORAustralia #MOR #beauty #wisdom #happiness #beyou #glow #inspirational #quote #inspo

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