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Semi permanent makeup: Freckles 847.830.6075 Anastasiamakeupchicago For free consultation

Permanent Makeup Closeup. Thicker Application on top with Thinner Liner on Bottom - which is always recommended @AnastasiaMakeupChicago

Natural Permanent Eyebrows. Can't even tell they're not real!! @Anastasia Makeup Chicago

Permanent Eyebrow Application in the taupe family@Anastasia Makeup Chicago

Shaped Eyebrows with a touch of Permanent Tattoo Color creating a barely there shadow in the background @Anastasia Makeup Chicago

Permanent Makeup Eyebrows & Upper Liner. Dark Ash brows and Jet Black Liner. This look is immediately after and will soften tremendously to a gorgeous powdered look by Anastasia @AnastasiaMakeupChicago

Jet Black Eyeliner Tattooed on elderly client . Thicker application on outer corner of upper eyelid adding a touch of vintage grape for more dimension @Anastasia Makeup Chicago

Tattooed Eyebrows in Dark Taupe Family. Can you even tell? @Anastasia Makeup Chicago

Semi Permanent Brows Powder Brows Tattoo

Permanent Eyebrow Application@AnastasiaMakeupChicago

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