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Duermo donde quiero y como quiero !!! ... Okkkkkkk???????

25 Animals That Sleep Wherever They Please

25 Animals That Sleep Wherever They Please - seriously adorable sleeping babies.

Animals that want to become wildlife/nature photographers, and they look adorable when doing it alongside humans.

Animals That Want To Be Photographers

Animals That Want to Be Photographers This is how real men and women shoot animals

Of COURSE the cat is eating it...:

Tiere, die unbedingt Fotografen werden wollen

Baby Sleep Positions...we've already dealt with many of these, and we only bedshare when making a desperate attempt to get a little more sleep!  "The Stalker" is probably my favorite. :)

Wordless Wednesday: Baby Sleep Positions

Co-sleeping reality. Aka why my babies will sleep in their own damn beds. Additionally, I'd say the only co-sleeping position not depicted here is the one picturing the parent having rolled onto the child.

You can't tell me that's not dug<<That description, exactly what I was thinking

Oml I have a little golden retriever/corgi mix! They are too cute 😍😘