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Here are 5 small hair tricks that make a big difference:

5 Small Hair Updates That Make A Big Impact

Pull up in s high pony tail and braid then loosen and rap and pin

cloche Hat- a fitted, bell-shaped hat for women that was invented by Caroline Reboux that was especially popular in the 1920s. its name is from cloche, the French word for "bell"

Nancy Carroll ~ This stunning style cocktail dress is evocative of flapper fashions in the era of speakeasies, smoky jazz clubs and the charleston!

Movie star sisters Joan Bennett and Constance Bennett, 1930

We Had Faces Then - Movie star sisters Joan Bennett and Constance Bennett, 1930 Bennett Bennett actress

1920's Sexy & Classic Iconic Flapper Nita by VintageousClassic

Kay Francis in Chanel. In the Coco Chanel almost single-handedly invented Costume Jewelry. Replacing real gemstones with colored glass, and using gold-toned metal and faux pearls, Chanel changed the rules about jewelry and how to wear it.