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The game that spawned a thousand memes. If you have ever been bamboozled by your child knowingly telling you "The Cake Is A Lie" this guide might just help you figure out what the heck they were on about.

This game is an interactive epistolary novel. Sounds clever, eh? To find out what that actually means, click the image above.

Exams just around the corner? Memrise is an essential game-app for frazzled students. Parents can find out more about this useful little revision aid by clicking here

This friendly monster wants to teach your children maths. We explain how.

It's hard to say and hard to play, but it'll teach your child more about linguistics then they'll ever realise.

Concerned about the hundreds of hours your children have racked up in Adventure Capitalist? No need to be alarmed, we can allay your fears. Click the pin for our parent-friendly content guide to understanding this game and others of the genre.

Feeling like your children could do with a boost to their spelling skills? Wordizt will get them practising without them even realising! Click the pin for our parent-friendly guide.

We don't usually advocate stealing your children's toys, but this meditative little stress buster would be *just* the thing for unwinding after a tough day in the office. Intrigued? Click the icon to read more.

Getting kids to practice their spellings is hard. So cheat. Trick them into improving their vocabulary with this fun game by renowned game designer Zach Gage.