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"When I saw you I thought, here is a man I could love. And I was no longer afraid of feelings.... You do not know to what extent I guard myself, and my feelings. It is strange how you get truth from me." ~ Anais Nin to Henry Miller

Looking through a cafe window at night.... A moment caught between lovers: what's the story here? Gentle and sweet affection? A proposal, perhaps? Or is it a bittersweet breakup? A confession? A moment of tender compassion? I wonder.....

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Houston Drive In Engagement Session from Katie Lamb Photography

"Can I tell you what I wished for?" "Of course." "I wished that my dream was real. That the dreamworld I so often find myself spending time in could become reality. That I could be with you, forever." "You know... I wished the very same thing."

"Tell Me what you want." "I want You to bend me over and fuck me like the filthy slut I am." "Do you?" "Yes, Sir." "Then put that pretty mouth of yours to use and beg." Chicago. Female. Bisexual. Submissive. Single. Just trying to impress my boss and...

I never saw her face. And I never talked to her. But that four hour train ride was full of mystery and now, apparently, so was my life. "So you'll help me?" The girl asks looking into my eyes. "I guess." I mutter not to enthusiastically: "Good."