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Yvonne Zonnenberg with SasvdW!

Cameleon Professional Face and Body Paint

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Realistic Paintings on Skin Transform the Body into Mind-Bending Optical Illusions

Amazing body paint... I would absolutely love to get painted like this! :)

Dryad (in folklore and Greek mythology) a nymph inhabiting a tree or wood

Shannon-Holt-body-painting...can you work out how many people are in this body painting of a fox??....:):)

Artist Shannon Holt masterfully turns humans into animals using body paint

Amazing body painting…

Amazing body painting…

Funny pictures about Amazing body painting. Oh, and cool pics about Amazing body painting. Also, Amazing body painting.

I know it's crays but this is how I imagine Ophelia in my head covered in flowers... It took me a long time to find this image but I was determined!

"I am captured by body art that incorporates texture", depth and varied media. Sweet Loretta The virgin forest: Body Painting by Evgeny Freeone (Inspired to recreate textured body art from mermaid styling)

Fine art body painter Johannes Stötter blends his subjects into their surroundings by skillfully applying paint to their skin. He uses the human form as his canvas to both camouflage into their environments and mimic forms found in nature. The illusionary subjects in Stötter's growing collection of creations range from fruits and vegetables to trees, rocks, and wildlife.

Amazing Body Art Inspired by Nature

Blending humans and nature with bodypainting, Italian Bodypainter Johannes Stotter