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"The message threatened to rain gunfire & shrapnel upon a lecture by Sarkeesian, who created a feminist video blog & a video series on misogyny in video games." The threats came from a male who claimed to be a USU student & who claimed to have had his fantasy life ruined by feminists. In retaliation, the terrorist planned to massacre women. Utah's open-carry laws make it impossible to stop shooters from gaining access to the auditorium where Sarkeesian’s lecture was scheduled. Info from link

‘Gamergate’: Feminist video game critic Anita Sarkeesian cancels Utah lecture after threat - The Washington Post

Corporate Profits of Low-Wage Employers | Raise The Minimum Wage via @NELPNews

America's largest low-wage employers have all shown profits. Their greed affects all of us, not just their employees. The larger the salary paid, the more we have to spend. This in turn helps businesses prosper. We are the true job creators.

What tolerating online harassment costs us - The Washington Post

What tolerating online harassment costs us

The harassment of prominent video game critics and producers, as well as ordinary citizens, exacts an extremely high toll in exchange for free speech.

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