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London museum of history

Entrance to the Red Zone at the Natural History Museum n this beautiful capture by Elia Locardi, we see the awesome entranceway to the Red Zone at the Natural History Museum in London, England.

Natural Museum of History, London - Yeah sure, for muggles maybe, THIS IS HOGWARTS!

Entrance Hall to the Natural History Museum, London. Romanesque Revival but with modern materials and structures such as terracotta and striking steel ribs to the roof. All decorated with natural imagery. Such beautiful architecture!

National history museum, London ✔️

Natural History Museum, London, England photo via alien ---Beatrix used to visit here to sketch some of the displays.

Natural History Too - (HDR London, UK) by blame_the_monkey, via Flickr

Some mom actually fell rolling a number of steps in front of Darwin's statue when I was there in the Natural History Museum, London, England

Natural History Museum, London..beautifull building, but disappointing displays..

Natural History Museum, London gosh this place was huge! but massive lol. Was here in went on a school trip with my 7 year old son, he loves it, we try to go whenever we can😊.