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Please STOP voting for the interests of the RICH! VOTE For the CANDIDATE who has YOUR INTERESTS AT HEART - Bernie Sanders!

Not how our system of government works it is how a "dick tater ship" works. I have had enough of Obama when are people going to wake up and IMPEACH him???

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They use the excuse that they're creating jobs by giving these huge breaks to corporations while these corporations continue to ship jobs overseas...They should probably call this the Texas Plan after Gov. Perry who did it first.

What to do with that extra money? They buy Congressmen and Senators... they get richer still and keep even more of their taxes. They also engage in speculation & introduce unnecessary risk into our econony, creating bubbles which burst like the .Com and the Housing bubble. Both which led to serious financial downturns. Coupled with lobbying for deregulation, they bundle those investments with toxic assets & schemes that can potentially crash the entire economy.

10 Facts That Will Blow Right-Wingers' Minds - these things *SHOULD* be common knowledge, but sadly, aren't.

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