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25 Ways to Fill Your Life with Hygge

Hygge means "taking pleasure from the simple, cozy things in life and the company of friends." Here are 25 tips to bring more hygge into your life.

Funny Pictures You're Going To Love

40 Funny Pictures You’re Going To Love

25 Moments When Joey And Chandler Won At Friendship

Joey :) LOL this episode was so funny See great new Friends TV Show merchandise at

The 7 Best Uses for Tumblr

I LOVE YOU GUYS!! Pinterest besties!! Follow me and comment if you want to be my bestie if u r not already.

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

If he's a looser, he must've been really good in bed or something..298 times. =)

13 Moments On "Friends" That Made You Cry

13. “He’s her lobster!” | 13 Moments On "Friends" That Made You Cry. Episode: “The One with the Prom Video” Season: 2 Let’s be honest: The passionate kiss between Ross and Rachel is the ultimate scene.