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Cleveland Browns 11" Male Garden Gnome

Garden Gnome - MaleThese tall figures are made of a resin material and come to you with full team colors and team specific logos.

I love gnomes!!! Can't wait to dress my kids up in this one day!

Garden Gnome by Disguise at Gilt

Climbing Gnomes....a must have somewhere in a Fairy Garden!

This product is not available, only pinning for the creative idea. Climbing Gnomes Tree Decor By Collections Etc

Godzilla eating garden gnomes statue, Kaiju Garden Gnome  ... see more at InventorSpot.com

Want Something Fun For Your Yard? Kaiju Garden Gnome

Godzilla the terrifying T-Rex Dinosaur has a taste for gnomes and is a great defender of your lawn, garden, or yard. Trespassers will think twice about stepping FOOT in your garden with this great dinosaur gnome eating statue!

Vintage Garden Cozy Gnome Couple - Unpainted Ceramic Figurines. LOVE!

Very, very, very few people are aware that Jimmy Deangabourg potato-sausage- daisy-popovers began in Gnomedom.

Fancy - Zombie Garden Gnome

Zombie Garden Gnome

This may have to be my new favorite Star-Trek-Geek gift. Busted a gut when I saw the generic -dead - red shirt guy --Star Trek Garden Gnomes

Star Trek Garden Gnomes

laughingsquid: “‘Star Trek’ Garden Gnomes for Keeping Your Earthling Plant and Flower Gardens Free of Aliens ”

Oh! Why couldn't we make fairies out of twigs like this for the fairy garden! <3

Twiggy Gnomes and Gardens

The secret of these DIY twig gnomes lies in how their pointy hats were carved! See how to make miniature gnomes out of twigs in this tutorial. by etta

Solar Campfire Light Garden Gnomes

Solar Campfire Light Garden Gnomes