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Artist Mica Angela Hendricks told Distractify that she started letting her daughter finish her drawi.

Τι συμβαίνει όταν μια μαμά ζωγράφος αφήνει το 4χρονο παιδί της να συμπληρώσει τα σκίτσα της;

Illustrator draws faces, lets draw bodies, ends up with adorably weird art Mica Angela Hendricks

Hendricks wrote that the best thing she learned was to not be so rigid about how her drawings should turn out.

An Artist Mom Started Letting Her Four-Year-Old Daughter Finish Her Sketches And They're Amazing

Artist Mica Angela Hendricks lets her four-year-old daughter Myla to finish her art. Artist Mica Angela Hendricks lets her four-year-old daughter Myla to finish her art.

Mica Angela Hendricks and her 4 year old daughter Myla collaborate on drawings.

PRETTY'S ON THE INSIDE Art Print - Graphic artist Mica Angela Hendricks was working in a brand new sketchbook when her four-year-old asked her if she could work on the drawings too.

EASY, TIGER Framed Art Print by Busymockingbird | Society6

EASY, TIGER - Art Print by busymockingbird Collaborative paintings by the artist and her old daughter

Mica Angela Hendricks, illustration - ego-alterego.com

Mica Angela Hendricks, illustration

Mica Angela Hendricks aka Busy Mockingbird - Frida collaboration with her daughter Myla print available here

'I am not lost. I am found
This wandered path is filled with fleeting whispers
Empty promises of better days
Silence, however, is stretching out her hand
‘This way’
Leave behind the cross roads and dead ends
You are not lost. You are found'

The Boundary by Charlie Bowater Digital Art / Drawings / Illustrations / Conceptual

Dessin à 4 mains Mica Angela Hendricks et sa fille

FIRE BIRD Art Print collaborative work between artist Mica Angela Hendricks and her 4 year old daughter. This print is my absolute FAVORITE.

"Raise Your Hand". Illustrator Mica Angela Hendricks, shared her sketch book (reluctantly at first) with her four year old daughter... and these we're some of the results! Brilliant!!! Charming, quirky and absolutely unique :-) Love!!

Artist Mica Angela Hendricks Four-Year-Old Daughter Adds Incredible Imagination to Artist Mom’s Portraits

dibujos hendricks http://www.paraloscuriosos.com/madre-dibuja-caras-y-deja-a-su-hija-de-4-anos-dibujar-los-cuerpos-mira-como-acaba-este-adorable-arte-abstracto/2/

Madre dibuja caras y deja a su hija de 4 años dibujar los cuerpos, mira como acaba este adorable arte “abstracto”

When artist Mica Angela Hendricks got a new sketch book a while back, her daughter was insistent upon being able to try it out herself. Hendricks tried to say no, but her daughter used a…

Lauren DiCioccio - Using newspaper and the media to comment on her culture

Embroidered newspapers: Lauren DiCioccio (re)makes the front page - COVER Magazine: Carpets & Textiles For Modern Interiors

Mom Lets 4-Year-Old Finish Her Drawings mica Angela Hendricks

Artist Mica Angela Hendrick collaborates with her daughter and creates these artworks. So cute :)

a helpful cutaway santa infographic

“American Christmas Devil” by Brad McGinty III aka Crazy Christmas Cards from We aren’t sure which is more awesome, this impressively monstrous Santa Claus (printed on the front of the cards.

John William Waterhouse  Hylas and the Nymphs, detail

John William Waterhouse Hylas and the Nymphs, detail