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Nice to have knowledge of the triggers for children with #autism #asd. Even if you know as a parent, do your friends and family know? #autismawareness

This is a great Family Home Evening lesson for teaching children that their bodies are sacred and they should take care of themselves, inside and out. It covers modesty, but also inner beauty.

Involving Children in the Wedding Reception

Toasting the Blended Family: Blending two families into one can be stressful for all, even if everyone gets along. But you and the groom can ease this stress with a special toast to the kids. It may go something like this: “We promise, (insert children’s names), to always care for you, love you and treat you all equally. We’re so happy and proud to be parents to all of you. ”

Tips for Bonding with Step-Children in Blended Families

Bonding with step-children is challenging for newly blended families, and Hollywood doesn't make it easier! Check out our tips to help ease the transition.

Pinner said :I was diagnosed with #PSTD by a number of therapists before I healed my life and made my way back. I think it should read #PTSD ?

3.1 There are a number of agencies involved in safeguarding children and young people. Educational services, Health services, Social. services, Voluntary services and Legal services. In my school all the staff are trained in regards to the Child Protction policy and know how to escalate any concerns they have. They are told of the prcedure to follow if a child makes a disclousure re abuse or neglect.