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Hebrew letter VAV, is equal to the number six and is the symbol of connection, portraying a bridge in structure. As the number six, the VAV denotes physical completion. The world was created in six days, as explained in Genesis: Bereishit, (‘in the beginning’), can be broken up to form ‘He created six’ (Barah Shit). The letter VAV, as symbolic of the number six, signifies physical space. Every self-contained object has six dimensions: right, left, front, back, up and down.

Libro di M. Giovambattista Palatino cittadino romano nelqual s'insegna à scriuer ogni sorte lettera, antica & moderna, di qualun que natione, con le sue regole, & misure, & essempi : et con vn breve et vtil discorso de le cifre. Riueduto nuouamente, & corretto dal proprio autore : con la givnta di qvindici tavole bellissime. Published 1550 by Per Antonio Blado asolano In Roma in Campo di Fiore. via:

NCIS. Love! Mark Harmon is actually related to my hubby. (His mom's maiden name is Harmon) Mark and my hubby's grandfathers were cousins. they are distantly related. *snicker* But, they are related! Gail