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STEM - Bird Beak Adaptations

This is a fun lab for learning about adaptations. Students will rotate between stations with different types of 'bird food' and use various tools designated as beaks to decide which one works best. Students will collect and interpret data, and graph their results. Great for science and math!

Finishing Strong – Homeschooling Middle & High School #90

Air is Not Oxygen - Fun Science Activities for Middle School Looking for fun and simple science activities for your middle school students? Want to make sure your tweens/teens understand key science concepts before they enter high school? Lots of ideas for science projects!

Genetics in the STEM Lab!

Monster Genetics in the STEM lab! STEM activities for Kids - Upper elementary dominant and recessive trait activity.

STEM - Levers & Angles - Punkin' Chuckin' Challenge

Learn about levers and angles with this fun siege engine activity perfect for Halloween! Students will construct simple catapults with craft sticks and rubber

Sandwich bag science

25 Easy, Hands-on Activities That Teach Key Concepts in Physical, Earth, and Life Sciences, and Meet the Science Standards Steve THE DIRTMEISTER(tm) Tomecek Find out how an empty sandwich bag can be j

Earthquake Jello Lab Activity STEM

This lab or activity is a hands-on and collaborative learning lesson that incorporates the following: STEM Earthquakes Geology Engineering Design R...

7 Ideas to Teach Animal Adaptations

Here are 7 FUN ideas to teach your students about adaptations. Include art, research, read alouds, video clips, Interactive Science Notebooks, animal observations, and stations for an EXCITING unit! Includes FREE printables!