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I don't understand how Rory would fall for a guy who fully embraced the world her mother rejected so vehemently. Even when Logan was sticking up for Rory against his father, he was still soooo punchable.

Here you have 32 of the most compelling, strange and odd photos throughout history. Taken all over the world & across several decades, some are will have you posing the obvious question “WTF?” whilst others are simply timeless images of a bygone era.

Music makes the world go round (24 photos)

I love the feeling of knowing that my music will always be there for me when others can't. When something happens and i need to escape from every bogy i just put on my headphones and every things fine. When i listen to music i feel like i know my favorite artists. I LOVE MUSIC ! :-)

Mercury Plains (DVD)

Scott Eastwood stars as a young man who is recruited to join a Mexican paramilitary group that fights drug cartels. But after he has proven himself and become a top soldier, he begins to have his doub