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Foods to make you happier! Great facts on natural treatment for depression and anxiety

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Foods that lower chloesterol

With This Miracle Pill You Can Worry A Lot Less About Heart Attacks and Strokes, It Hammers Cholesterol and Lowers Inflammation Two Measures That Protect Against Heart Attacks

Reposting @boomvana: This is the Summer I get my act together!  That is a quote from was me from 4 years ago.  Age 50 had just crept up on me and my diet was making me feel like I was 90.  I had that trademark mental cloudiness that starts to pervade at this age.  I got tired every day by 4pm.  #antiaging #fitness #food #health #longevity #men #wellness #women

Anti-Aging Foods Cheat Sheet Consider these foods your anti-aging staples. As a rule, fruits & vegetables high in flavonoids & carotenoids, two powerful plant-based antioxidants, will remove the free radicals from your skin & body that cause you to age

10 Foods That Fight Cold and Flu: Honey http://www.rodalenews.com/cold-flu-remedies

10 Foods That Fight Cold and Flu

10 Foods That Fight Cold and Flu: Honey http://www.rodalenews.com/cold-flu-remedies

What tea to drink according to what ailment you have

What tea to drink according to what ailment you have

Healthy eating and physical fitness go together, but there are no magic foods that cause you to be one hundred percent healthy by just eating the one food.

Your Anger Management Menu | The Dr. Oz Show. Just watched this, & I'm pretty sure I have all 4 of the reasons a person is cranky. Though my food allergies & picky food preferences will make eating some of these foods impossible...

Your Anger Management Menu. Believe it or not, eating specific foods at certain times of the day can actually help keep your mood in check.

FAT FLUSH WATER -Gail Blaney drink at least six 8 oz glasses per day, the longer it sits, the better it tastes. The Vitamin C turns fat into fuel, the tangerine increases your sensitivity to insulin, and the cucumber makes you feel full. Try it for 10 days! 8 oz serving of Water: 1 slice grapefruit 1 tangerine ½ cucumber, sliced 2 peppermint leaves Ice – as much as you like Directions Wash grapefruit, tangerine cucumber and peppermint leaves. Slice cucumber, grapefruit and tangerine…

Fat Flush Water You should drink at least 3 8 oz glasses a day. 1 slice grapefruit 1 tangerine,(peeled or sliced) cucumber, sliced 2 fresh peppermint leaves Per 8 oz.

Generation Y Foodie: Drunken Noodles (Pad Kee Mao) #veganize it with tofu instead of turkey and a fish sauce substitution

Healthy Thai Drunken Noodles - hands down my favorite Thai dish. Make with rice noodles.