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I saw this featured in the news this morning. The title of this video says it better than a long introduction.

This goes right along with two discussions I've fielded on Facebook. I mentioned Greece and the economic turmoil being caused thereby. Taa daaah. Less than a few hours later this comes to my inbox. The U.S. Daily, all the news, every day.

It is funny how fast Jody Miller goes through the news from the slant which is obvious.. NewsBusted 7/11/12

I am fully aware at this point of whom it is that I trust more than the other. It is not the incumbent. Presidential rivals trade charges of lying, Romney demands apology over 'felony' remark | Fox News

Governor Brewer of Arizona responds to the presidents' blanket amnesty announcement giving documentation to more than a million illegal immigrants prior to the law imminently being announced by the supreme court which will address the issue as early as next week.

Protest held against Gov. Daniels

Black Pastors Oppose Gay 'Marriage,' Warn Obama: We ‘Will Not Stand With You’ (It seems that some political issues facing the Obama administration are not easily minimized by being termed racist.)