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Wine candles - 1) Fill up a sink with ice water w/enough to submerge bottle. 2) Take your yarn and wrap it around the bottle (where you want to cut) about 5 or 6 times. 3) Remove yarn and soak in polish remover Place back on bottle. 4) Hold the neck of the bottle, light the yarn. Turn the bottle slowly so that it burns evenly. 5) When flame stops, dip the entire bottle into the ice water. 6) Sand edges.

How to Cut a Wine Bottle into a Candle Hurricane

Cut the bottoms off wine bottles to use for candle covers, keeps the wind from blowing them out when outside. I don't drink wine but that's a pretty idea for any sort of glass bottle.

Lampara mimbre liviana

Lampara mimbre liviana

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Lights from old wind turbines! would be awesome on a porch! Via FB re-scape.com

DÉCOR - Recycled Vent Fan Into a Fun Lighting for a Porch or Under a Tree. Julies Update: Used this Vent as part of the Old Rusted Items in Garden Décor. See Results under "Our Realisations" Board.

Wine Bottle Crafts | Wine Bottle Luminary - Hanging | Craft Ideas

Wine Bottle DIY’s

Upcycled Wine Bottle Luminary - These actually hide the fact that they're bottles. Inspiration only. (Cut bottom of bottle off, use wire whisk to hold votive cup)

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