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snark ecards | Funny Thinking of You Ecard: Lead me not into TEMPTATION... oh HELL ...

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Happy anniversary

Funny Anniversary Ecard: You're the only one I want to annoy for the rest of my life. I will have to remember this one for our next anniversary

18 Funny Pictures Taken At The Wrong Time

Here's a collection of the funniest animal photo-bombs ever. (this duck seems to be photo-bombed on to a lot of photos(?

I'm having fruit salad for dinner. Well, it's mostly grapes actually. Ok, all grapes. Fermented grapes. I'm having wine for dinner.

Funny Drinks/Happy Hour Ecard: I'm having fruit salad fordinner. I'm having wine for dinner.

By the way, not only is my short term-memory horrible...

By the way, not only is my short term-memory horrible.my husband

Bill Murray's a badass and all, but I'm really just pinning this so I can make a "polite as fuck" tee.

Bill Murray is the real "Most Interesting Man In The World." Bill Fucking Murray ladies and gentleman.

Loner - never have read it explained better :

"Let me tell you this: if you meet a loner, no matter what they tell you, it’s not because they enjoy solitude. It’s because they have tried to blend into the world before, and people continue to disappoint them." -My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult