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mental hospital nurses 1936 Absolutely fascinating article if you click through to the website printed in a 1930's LIFE magazine

MAD magazine This magazine cover, I want to talk about the colour scheme used. Gradients of browns ranging from warm to cool, also the use of other colours, but its dominant colours are within the mid range of Yellow to Crimson. Having a overall colour scheme lets the mood of the illustration and allows you to get an overall flow of an illustration rather then having parts of the images working against the other. The subject matter itself is quite humorous.

Person of the Year 2008

TIME Magazine person of the year 2008. One of the most influential and well known posters on a cover. The graphic element makes unrealistic with personal combined. Minimal colour pallette emphasizes the colours that are utilized - symbolic to America (red, white and blue). Very centralized and bold image. Layout = one dominant element, no distractions and draws attention.

mad magazine This magazine cover explores the use of type to convey the magazine covers message. Using the same motif as every other mad magazine cover. The designer has used a red coloured marker to allow difference in the type already on the t-shirt to the hand drawn type. Also by changing the style of type, as it appears more hand drawn. This illustration allows me to concentrate on the overall when it comes to portraying meaning as realistic as possible.

7 Fantastic Needlepoint Fashion Magazine Covers

They certainly “liven” things up — don’t scroll any further if you’re not ready for an embroidered vagina, just by the way. | 7 Fantastic Needlepoint Fashion Magazine Covers