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Sacramento politicians are creating Open Prison California w/pending bills that target citizens' ability to deter & resist violent & non-violent criminals.

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Because we're not weak a safe space needing crybaby losers; we can take care of and defend ourselves.

The Great Thomas Sowell has it right, as usual. He's truly a great Conservative thinker and leader.

Thomas Sowell makes so much sense that it's not surprising he has many liberal enemies. Fortunately for the conservative movement, he could care less.

WikiLeaks: 'Destabilization Campaign' Responsible for Flynn Resignation » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

We’ve heard much talk about crowd size Left vs Right and that the left’s crowd is larger. Could the reason be work ethic. Political cartoon by A. Branco More A. Branco cartoons here.

Doesn't it feel this way sometimes?

Remember, free speech for everyone unless you're Christian and/or Conservative. Liberal logic is no logic!

The greatest danger to American Freedom is a Government that ignores the Constitution.

The greatest danger to American Freedom is a Government that ignores the Constitution. The Constitution was built on Christian morals.