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So I would say this is a Dramione fan art but Hermione never flew, let alone played Quidditch. This is actually a Generation fanart! From left to right: James Potter, Lily Potter, Rose Weasley, Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter

I don't even ship Dramione, but that picture of Emma Watson and Tom Felton is so cute


I never even thought of these two as a couple, but it's so cute. I am shipping this so hard right now. Screw Romione, Draco and Hermione is going to be the new Harry Potter OTP.

DxH: After the Battle by HazelDragon66 on DeviantArt. Still don't know if I ship this as much as Hermione and Ron but this is still adorable

I haven't been here for so long! As usual, I can't get away from work! Even now I actually still can't draw Dramione much but when I log in this morning and I see all the wonderful comments I just .

for all the Dramione shippers out there.. OMM (oh my merlin) yes, total fangirl moment here

for all the Dramione shippers out there. OMM (oh my merlin) yes, total fangirl moment here<<< i do not ship it but this is cute.