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to love everything.. to be loved by someone is..strength but to be…

Song: A Solution to jelousy We love naturally, but for our love to be recipricated is something extraordinary.

But I played the song to many times, and I never listened to it again. I don't remember the name, but I will always remember the lyrics. Anime: Charlotte

Haha I remember why we started stalking, kinda stupid I knew I love you deep down but I couldn't admit it and now I know it for sure // Charlotte Edit Anime

That's what love can do - Uta no⭐Prince-sama♪Maji Love ~ DarksideAnime

haha true idk why but you face makes me smile no matter what dude // Maid Sama!

Don't change yourself for others. If someone will really love you, then he will take you like you are. With your mistakes and your bad side.

I've made some changes that I know will benefit me like this, but never anything drastic and unnecessary

Yep, I think I found the one I would suffer for. If she would still love me...

I finally found this anime thanks to my amazing sister. It time hours but it is called mawaru penguindrum

Si los días no nos permiten vernos, nuestras memorias lo harán; y si mis ojos no te pueden ver, mi corazón nunca te olvidará.

Kimi no na wa. This part of the movie literally was so heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time.