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De l'Église, Montreal

Continuing his quest to capture the ‘overlooked’ beauty of the metro system, Montreal-based photographer Chris Forsyth has recently completed the next installment of his award-winning metro series. Including Munich, Berlin and Stockholm, as well as.

Chris Forsyth’s Photographs Capture The Architectural Beauty Of Montreal’s Metro System

Chris Forsyth is Montreal based architecture photographer.

Chris Forsyth

Chris Forsyth is Montreal based architecture photographer.

Photography project documenting all of Montreal's metro stations.

Christopher Forsyth photographs Montreal's metro stations

Photographer Chris Forsyth Explores the Overlooked Architecture of the Montreal Underground: As his latest project, the Montreal Metro Project is photographer Chris Forsyth's visual exploration of his home city's subway stations, shot in Octob.

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File:Les Halles 3.jpg