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White Line Hotels - PIZ TSCHÜTTA - Vnà, Engadin, Switzerland

Piz Tschütta, Vnà, Switzerland - Kinda reminds me of the town BBC's Top Gear tore up with their snow removal grain truck.

Viareggio, Italy #Fashiolista #Inspiration  www.travioo.com to search for the best price

Italy Travel Inspiration - Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte, Viareggio, Italy - luxury hotels from Great Hotels

Google Image Result for http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-_Q_ef2EUUXE/Tdrw2RqORzI/AAAAAAAABw0/68HR0yZck48/s1600/breeze%2Bblock%2Bwall%2Bby%2Bpleysier%2Bperkins.jpg

Coastal architecture where sunlight is king


Outdoor Living - Greece Fire Pit Bowl surround for outdoor living space Interior Design Wall Finish


Check out these natural home design ideas, courtesy of this stone house by Alexandre de Betak. Hidden away in a small village in Majorca, “Cave House” is t


Credit: San Giorgio Mykanos Happy Friday to you! Today’s Fredagsmys I am dreaming away to Mykonos and San Giorgio. San Giorgio is a boutique hotel that gives off the serenity and inspiration that I could use this weekend. The hotel.

Sceilig Mhichíl (in Irish meaning Michael’s rock) is a steep rocky island in the Atlantic Ocean about 9 miles (14.5 kilometres) from the coast of Co. Kerry. It is the larger of the two Skellig Islands. After being founded in the 7th century, for 600 years the island was a centre of monastic life for Irish monks. The Gaelic monastery, which is situated almost at the summit of the 230-metre-high rock became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.

Skellig Michael (from Sceilig Mhichíl in the Irish language, meaning Michael’s rock), also known as Great Skellig, is a steep rocky island in the Atlantic Ocean about 9 miles kilometres) from.