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Altered Alchemy Gallery: Handmade Journals

I would like to think that my journals not only fulfill their purpose as pages for penning your thoughts, but are in themselves original works of art and creative expressions of their maker. Each of my journals use many hours to complete, for they are not simply the act of bookbinding, each one is a piece of mixed media/assemblage artwork thoughtfully put together. Each one has a soul of its own.

Customizing a Journal

How to make your own customized nature journal from a simple composition book - I'm going to try this!

Czekoczyna - Kasia Krzyminska

Using the Balzer Designs "Circle Explosion" stencil.

5 examples of how to create a good background for art to create a base...super super super helpful article!!! Today I thought I'd share a few of my favorite ways for transforming that big blank white page into something less intimidating!

Song journals! I wrote 40 finished songs in a year and my goal for this year is to write over 50

Luthien Thye as Altered Alchemy - "Unspoken" journal, Feb. 2013

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