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Tidens spejl | Bobedre.dk

Tidens spejl | Bobedre.dk

oxidized mirrors - David Derksen

oxidized mirror// A silver layer “slowly oxidizing under the influence of oxygen and water” by Lex Pott and David Derkson.

Cómo me gusta Sottsass.  table basse mimosa by Ettore sottsass,  edition memphis milano,1984, artaban

color is my muse

gionata gatto uses mirrored light to create optical effects in MAXXI - designboom | architecture

MAXXI commissions ‘perspectives’ by studio gionata gatto for the ‘design destinations’ exhibition

Lex Pott & David Derksen Transnatural square - oxidized mirror.  "Depending on the time that the silver is reacting with sulphur, different colour tones can be achieved, ranging from gold to brown, to purple to blue."

Transcience mirrors for Transnatural, Lex Pott & David Derksen.

A Force of Nature by Studio Formafantasma

A Force of Nature: Studio Formafantasma Transforms Volcanic Rocks into Design Objects. Coloured Stainless steel and volcanic rock looks fantastic