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When Billy's father mysteriously disappears and his mother responds by becoming more and more reclusive, Billy maintains hope that his father's absence is not by choice http://bcedigital.lib.overdrive.com/DA014476-2F9D-45B3-8AC2-90392D7811D7/10/45/en/ContentDetails.htm?id=43171428-F903-4908-9280-ADDD8A554E1D

It's been a year since Billy's father mysteriously disappears, but when Billy's new Christmas tree begins to talk, Billy will have a chance to bring back his father.

The Thief Lord by Cornelia Caroline Funke (F FUN)

Cornelia Funke – The Thief Lord

The Runaway King by Jennifer Nielsen – Reviewed by Pernille Ripp | Nerdy Book Club

The Runaway King by Jennifer Nielsen – Reviewed by Pernille Ripp

It’s no big secret that I loved the first book of Jennifer Nielsen’s Ascendance Trilogy, The False Prince. So I was thrilled to finally get my hands on the sequel, The Runaway King.

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Best Middle School Books of 2015

The Thing About Jellyfish, 2015 The New York Times Best Sellers Middle Grade Hardcover winner, Ali Benjamin

Lucid. Hated the ending, but oh well.

Lucid by Adrienne Stoltz, Ron Bass. This was really good, when I got to the end I wanted to go back and read it again.

The American cover of Evil Star

Having locked the Raven's gate, fourteen-year-old Matt travels to Peru where he meets the second of the five gatekeepers and works with him to try to stop the opening of a second gate somehow related to the Nazca Lines.