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Transitional Full Bathroom with Complex marble counters, Handheld Shower Head, Shades of Light Swag Sconce - 1 Light, Flush

Victorian laboratory items (Olivous) | Alchemy | Occult | Esoteric | Sigil | Witchcraft | Chaos Magick | Quantum Theory | Magic | Spells | Potion | Wicca | Pagan | Science

Influential - Bride of Frankenstein Laboratory Scene Universal Pictures 1935, Directed by James Whale. Art deco design combined with gothic heaviness © Comic Book Brain,2012)

this is kind of what I want the kitchen to look like. OK-maybe the pantry. Like Willy Wonka -or Dr Frankenstein should cook there. At any rate, Gene Wilder should be at home.

Purple 12-ray star sapphire, 8.13 ct, 11.78 x 10.50 x 6.28 mm. Unlike this one, such stones often are glass-filled. For a brief report on the phenomenon, see “Twelve-rayed star sapphire of interest” by Garry DuToit, GIA Laboratory, Bangkok. (Photo: Jeff Scovil)

stellar-indulgence: N44C Nebula Resembling the hair in Botticelli’s famous portrait of the birth of Venus, an image from NASA’s Hubble Spa...

Skylab 1, Saturn 5 rocket (SA-513) rolls around the VAB en route to pad 39-A with the Skylab orbiting laboratory, April 16, 1973 by MrDanBeaumont, via Flickr

“Stormy Seas in Sagittarius: Some of the most breathtaking views in the Universe are created by nebulae - hot, glowing clouds of gas. This new NASA/ESA…”

This very deep image taken with the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope shows the spiral galaxy NGC 4921 along with a spectacular backdrop of more distant galaxies. Credit: NASA, ESA and K. Cook (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA)