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Michelle Burton: how to tie-dye a fish scales pattern

what you need: a plastic bag to cover your working area rubber bands gloves a shirt tie-dye and a bottle with a nozzle soda ash.

28 Surprising Things That Really Work, According To Pinterest

28 Surprising Things That Really Work, According To Pinterest

28 Surprising Things That Really Work, According To house design room design decorating interior design 2012 design ideas

Homemade shaving Cream - totally making this!

Homemade Beauty: Shave Cream Ingredients: 1 cup conditioner 1 cup shampoo 5 tablespoons baby oil 5 tablespoons hand cream Pour in a container in the order listed and shake.if separates shake again before use sustainable-frugal-living

Some great ideas I haven't seen.

If it works it's not stupid (no potato)

Tech gadgets life hacks Genius solutions to simple problems that only require normal stuff around the house.

Worn out your trusty pair of Toms? Don't toss it, transform it into something new with these great DIY ideas.

Creative ways to patch Toms - Don't throw away your favorite pair of shoes, reinvent them! Here are some cute ways to repair your Toms

Permanent marker

Shower Thoughts on

How to remove permanent marker from everything! How to remove ‘permanent’ marker! Clothes –hand sanitizer Walls –toothpaste or hairspray* Carpet –white vinegar Wood –rubbing alcohol don’t scrub too hard with hairspray, you don’t want to remove the paint!

Homemade solid perfume in old pocket watch. This would make for really cool DIY Christmas gifts. And something to do with that old pocketwatch case.

Awesome DIY Solid Perfume Pocket Watch Locket

Soap Deli News: Bath and Body Stocking Stuffer Round Up - DIY Ideas for Christmas Stocking Fillers lip gloss or perfume in a watch locket.

photocopy the back of the item you want to hang and then use the copy as the template of where to drill / screwnail the holes.

15 Smarter Ways To Live Your Life

MY MIND IS BLOWN! Smartest thing EVER! when you have to hang something with exact holes, photocopy the back and use as a template! assuming of course it's small enough to photocopy

Who knew a coffee container could keep your TP dry?! What's your favourite #campinghack? #LetsGetCamping

19 Brilliant Camping Hacks We Learned from Instagram

Learn this chip bag fold and you will never need a clamp ever again! You learn something new every day on Pinterest!

CHIP BAG FOLD and you will never need a clamp ever again! Have you ever had a bag of unfinished potato chips which you want to keep fresh? These simple steps will allow you to close the potato chip bag without using a clip. Just use this origami fold.

Camping Lantern - Solar Camping Lantern: Why Go Solar? -- You can find out more details at the link of the image. #CampingLantern

Solar Camping Lantern: Why Go Solar?

It really works! I used it last night and already noticed a difference! Get rid of fruit flies - apple cider vinegar and Dawn dish soap

Get Rid of Fruit-flies Overnight for Good!

It works! i keep this on my counter in spring and summer. Get Rid of Fruit-flies Overnight - Apple Cider Vinegar, Dish Soap & a plastic bowl.