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Extreme Multimedia Consoles - This crazy Mini Cooper multimedia chair is not your regular piece of gaming gear. Made out of the front end of a black Mini Cooper, the Mini Cooper.

BlackBerry Empathy

Funny pictures about Blackberry Empathy. Oh, and cool pics about Blackberry Empathy. Also, Blackberry Empathy photos.

Epic Gaming Computer with a spot for your Java Monster, unleash the beast indeed

Epic Gaming Computer

Funny pictures about Battlefield PC. Oh, and cool pics about Battlefield PC. Also, Battlefield PC photos.

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21 Interesting Game Room Ideas

TechGeek&Soft / You can either buy a desktop computer, or have one built directly into a desk.

Remote Controlled Robotic Bull Shark [$69.95] ||| #CoolStuff @TheKhooll @TechMayas

Remote Controlled Robotic Bull Shark–I had one of this when I lived in Chicago. It was fun to play with the kids in the community pool for our condos. The kids always got a kick out of it.

Interesting concept...Although I think more people will die while fighting over who gets the 2 life spheres.

Amazing natural disaster protection ball…

In case of natural disaster get in this ball. Crush proof, floating ball, able to withstand up tons of compressive pressure, and can take a plunge from Holds four people inside a diameter sphere.

I want 2 learn how 2 rollerblade :)

Mercury In-Line Skates Let You Glide On a Shock-Absorbed Cushion Of Air

so down to try these' Mercury Skate - rollerblades designed with an anti-shock system for a smoother ride on the pavement and to decrease skater fatigue. Improved ability to accelerate faster and gain higher speed. Line skates

Finally! A Compact Submarine For All Your Vacation/Light Smuggling Needs ..... Unfortunately, there's no price tag (yet)

EGO Compact Submarine (Images courtesy Raonhaje Inc.