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Winter Literacy Activities Snow Friends Beginning Consonant Sounds

Punch and Practice!!! Winter Phonics Fun for Your Little Learners! $ #winter #snowman #LiteracyCenters #Phonics #consonants #beginningsounds #KampKindergarten

Winter STEM (Keep Your Students Engaged During the Long Winter Months)

Looking for ways to engage students during the long winter months? Check out these engaging winter STEM activities! (Build a Snowman, Build a Sled, Snowball Fight, Build a Snow Fort)

FREE This is a set of snowmen cards, numbered from 0-20, and a set of tally marks, from 0-20. Use to match the sets; as flash cards; for number or tally marks sequencing.

FREEBIE. This product was designed to help students practice the concept of measuring using standard and non-standard units of measurement. This product goes wonderfully with the story The Biggest Snowman Ever by Steven Kroll. Includes: :1 sheet of rulers, 1 non-standard measuring sheet, 2 standard measuring sheets 1 sheet of snowmen to measure. Download at:

This project is perfect your youngest artists. There is no "right" way for this project to look and the messier it gets, the more adorable the final product will be. My little guys just loved the freedom to paint any way they wanted and create "Frosty" after a day playing in the sun!

STEM Activity Challenge Build a Snowman

STEM Challenge: Do you want to build a snowman? Here’s a great indoor solution to something kids love! Build a snowman STEM Challenge! This STEM activity is perfect for January and winter time!

Winter Literacy Activities Snow Friends Beginning Consonant Sounds

Engaging Winter Literacy Activities for Your Little Learners! $ #Winter #WinterLiteracyActivities #KampKIndergarten #LiteracyCenters #snowman #beginningsounds #phonics