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Save him!!!!! SAVE HIM!!! I can't live without him!!!| Masky: Uh..Gravity...I'm standing right beside you, hearing your reaction at this pic.| Me:*blushes* Crud...| Masky: Its ok. At least you won't hug me and squeal like the other fangirls.| Me:(thinking)Why did I blurt that out?! He must think I'm an idiot! And I like him!! What do I say, what do I say?!?(spoken) Yeah...not like the others..*smiles shyly*

Me: You need some help? Hoodie: What do you think? Me: Chill. (Flies over to Masky on demonic wings and flies him to safety) Masky: Thanks Me: Can I join you guys? I'm lost Masky and Hoodie: Sure And that is how I joined the Creepypasta.

At this point, I have so many heroes and they wear so many different things, I think heroes can wear whatever the hell they want, what counts is the place they have in our lives, how they changed it.

Your heroes wear capes, my heroes wear hoods. They helped me when you didn't.

Commission -Masky- by Likesac.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

This Commission is for  I hope u Like it ^^  SpeedPaint --Commission Info-- More  

BEN's face is priceless! I Love you GUYS!!!! Including you Ticci - Toby!!

BEN's face is priceless! I Love you GUYS! Including you Ticci - Toby! <<<< Ben's face though.

Today's menu : the pickle family -crispier -old-fashioned -fiery Cajun-flavor Pickle the kiler is an original character from Chibi-Works . Meh favorite pasta. His pic : Pickle The Kiler H...

Your eyes Your voice Today's menu : the pickle family -crispier -old-fashioned -fiery Cajun-flavor Pickle the kiler is an original character from Chibi-Works . His pic : Pickle The Kiler H.

|Slenderverse / Creepypasta Fanart| No way out by 0ktavian.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Drawing all of those lil pics, took me like one day to finish? It was so random I just sat and made the whole thing. xD And I guess you might wanna see teh result lol why not, it& kinda good, and.

A dumb crossover comic n shit. Man, Toby really suffers. --- As usual, characters aren't mine, but the art is.

featuring Liu, Bloody Painter and Puppeteer I did this also because I can. There& nobody who could stop me from doing stupid things.