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I want to try some of these sometime!

18 Perfect Responses For When Someone Texts You “K”. Seriously, I hate it when people just reply with "K". I always say like "Okie", "okie dokie Loki", "yes siree", etc.

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Ok who keeps making these

Ok who keeps making these<-- shhhhh hush my child

These are my new favorite

These are my new favourite, I also tried to make one. It says I want to dye with some tie dye t-shirts. I hope no ones made it before me ,:(

I feel like I have just adopted Dan Howell's sense of humor because I have been watching his videos for too long.

I was laughing so bad and showed this to my sister. She looked worried and stared at my mom and said, "She needs to go to bed. It's passed her bed time.