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The hardest thing about workingin a restaurant is that your throat is always dry from spitting in everyone's food.

Don't complain to the pharmacist

Funny Workplace Ecard: Just a thought: I am filling your prescriptions and your fate is in my hands, want to change that tone of voice and choice of words now?


My intense desire to unfriend you is outweighed by the enjoyment I feel gawking at the huge trainwreck that is your life. Sadly I know a few people like this on my friends list!

retail life  Hey some places don't let you use the washroom ... It's an honest question... Cuz in reality yes they do but no u can't use it if u don't work there... -_-" lol

retail life Hey some places don't let you use the washroom . It's an honest question.

Right? My guess would be that I'm just that classy.

Free, Confession Ecard: You seem to be unaware of my hate for you. I don't know if it's because I'm such a class act or because you're an idiot. Either way you're an idiot and I hate you. Glad we could clear that up.

I swear people ask me this while I'm on   the middle of sending a patient out as if I have time to even look at you, or   even answer you...

Free and Funny News Ecard: When someone asks me if I'm working hard, or hardly working, I'm tempted to punch them in the throat & ask them if they're hurting hard or h

Funny Reminders Ecard: Girl, this ain't no bakery. Put that muffin top away!@ http://www.someecards.com/usercards/viewcard/MjAxMi1kNDdjZWYxY2E0NGJlZWRl

i HATE girls that pay no mind to their muffin top. *I* don't even show muffin top.

That's why I say oh my god alot cause THIS would probably happen

Some days at work, I wonder if this is going to be the day I accidentally scream "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" out loud instead of just in my head.

Have a nice day...

When I say 'Have a nice day'. Remember that the 'fucker' is silent.😂😂Sorry for the 'f' word, but hilarious!