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Dylan O'Brien: Photo

Dylan O'Brien: Photo

Stiles Stilinski & Liam Dunbar.....everyone in this show is extremely attractive <3 ESPECIALLY LIAM PLAYED BY DYLAN SPRAYBERRY

Stiles Stilinski & Liam Dunbar my favorite episode was when they kidnapped Liam

I would love to be playin that game with them , and wouldnt mind having ian on my team either thats just me

Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, and Ian Bohen. So that's why Scott has a baseball bat!

The many faces of Stiles, bless whoever made this!!! Dylan O'Brien. Teen Wolf. he's beautiful and I luv him.

Teen Wolf * Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O'Brien) ~ Many faces of Stiles

Dylan O'Brien in "The Internship" movie

Dylan O'Brien in The Internship movie Dylan O’Brien

I don't have nothing to say..the end....................... I Don't think he realizes how amazing and attractive and OH MY GOSH MY FEELS he is

Karaoke or some other singing time.

Dylan O'Brien -- he's in the new Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson movie called "the internship" this summer. Amazingly he looks good with longer or crew cut hair...

He is SUCH the nerd hottie! I'm in love with him.

Dylan O'Brien (gif) this boy is too attractive  @Madison Hatton

Ruined my life… that time he threw off his beanie. THOSE ARMS

Michael Cera. Ahhhh hes actually not that bad. Hes a funny guy =) it says hes sweet as sweet can be =)

Stiles Teen Wolf Dylan O'Brien the first time glimmer the maze runner stiles stilinski high road the internship

i <3 you, too Dylan O'Brien ....how adorable is he @Freedom ??

" "Yeah, no it doesn't work like that." "Thanks guys, I feel so loved." "aw I love you bro! *heart*" "Aww thanks bro!