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Dear Stella Blossom Flower Crush Multi from @fabricdotcom From Dear Stella, this cotton print fabric features summery daisies that will have you daydreaming about spring planting! Perfect for quilting, apparel and home decor accents. Colors include yellow, white, shades of green, magenta and shades of pink.

Whiskery blooms give spider flower a striking form. Blossoms open one-by-one along a large spike, creating a long flowering window. Plants reach 3 to 5 feet tall. Choose cleome for a backdrop for shorter roses or to weave appealing texture into rose plantings. Look for blooms in shades of white, rose, pink and violet.

Apponogeton Distachyos Flowering Time: October-May Water Depth: 30-90 cm Deep water plant with attractive white vanilla scented flowers. Green mottled lanceolate leaves that float on the surface. Commonly known as water hawthorn because of its strong fragrance of hawthorn blossom .Suitable for ponds in partial shade. Excellent surface cover. Water hawthorn prefers cooler weather,and goes dormant throughout mid-summer.

Why buy your mom just cut flowers from a florist, when you can buy her a Lilac plant. Each spring she can cut a few stems of their beautiful, fragrant cone shape blossoms to bring in and enjoy. Lilacs come in many shades of white, pink and purple and are one of the easiest plants to care for. Steve-Lilac

As gardeners, we're used to experiencing jewel-tone blossoms - borders and beds in bright light are the norm. However, a well-done shade border can be every bit as captivating as - if not more than - its sunny counterpart.

Deutzia A waterfall of white spring blossoms on cascading branches signals that deutzia is in bloom. Positioning this hardy shrub near a low wall or fence and allowing the branches of foamy flowers to spill over is the best way to showcase its late-spring beauty. The compact ...Showy deutzia forms a large shrub up to 10 feet covered with large white flowers in spring.

Yesterday Today And Tomorrow (brunfelsia): Your lovely plant is likely an evergreen shrub identified by its purple, bluish-lavender to white flowers that appear simultaneously depending on the maturity of the blossoms. A tropical plant, it flowers from spring-summer with clusters of purple, tubular flower that open to flat blossoms. Oval, dark green leaves; can grow to 10 ft. but can be kept shorter if desired by pruning. Needs partial shade, regular water, and note that all parts are…

Surefire Shade Combo: Hosta + Astilbe. With their fernlike foliage and lovely, lacy spires of blossoms in shades of white, pink, red, and purple, shade-loving astilbes make the perfect foil for additional beds filled with hosta. In fact, astilbe -- sometimes called false spirea -- and hosta are two of the very best shade-garden companions. They look absolutely wonderful mass-planted together in slightly shady locations, especially with variegated foliage and different hues of flowers.

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