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The badger is Wisconsin's state animal, a ferocious fighter with 4" long claws. Still,  residents respect and admire them, and keep their distance! The badger is the animal that dachshunds were bred to hunt for. 'Dachs' as in badger, and 'hund' as in hound.

WISCONSIN State Animal, the Badger, is a ferocious fighter with long claws. Wisconsin's 'nickname' is The Badger State. Residents respect & admire badgers, and keep their distance!

The Wisconsin state animal....cute looking, but tough, determined little things...guess that is why we are the Badger State..!

The Wisconsin state animal.cute badger, determined little things.guess that is why we are the Badger State.

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Oh my gosh, he is just the cutest! Badger Felting Dreams by Johana Molina by feltingdreams

Rosie Butcher Illustration : Photo significant otter

Artist Showcase: Rosie Butcher ~ Artist and Children's Book Illustrator - Inkspokes

https://flic.kr/p/9fcpwg | Badger Portrait | Another badger image, quite hard to capture as they always have their heads down rooting for food. I liked the daisys in this one, just made the image a bit different. Taken in Surrey, UK Canon 1D MK 2 Canon 300mm 2.8 F2.8 ISO 500 1/200th

Badger Portrait by Peter Denness. I love badgers.they are temperamental, but have such a cute face!

Adorable - and in danger. Keep our badgers safe in woodlands and away from the government's crosshairs.

A senseless badger cull won't save the UK's cows

Animal Medicine: Badger Badger is vicious and powerfully aggressive! Badger is quick to anger and quick to pounce. Badger’s Medicine for you is the willingness to fight for what you want. Badger is.