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Got in from work on my birthday and resealed the water pump, trimed the edge strip and fitted the tv table, fitted the van number plate and bought the last £20 worth of stuff like carpet edge trims and hinges for the gas box.. the table looks good, thats a tall 15 inch relly so should be plenty big enough for Grahams

Did a couple of hours after work tonight. Rebuilt the rear legs and fitted with new bolts and pins, all greased up and working spot on. Refitted the fresh and waste water hose connectors and got the plumbing finished. Cleaned up the replacement A frame and test fitted it. Needs widening at the front to fit the newer hitch and the plastic covers but will all be sorted soon

Seat boxes are only in to make sure the board seams are correct not screwed in yet. I have new lino for under all the seats