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Big & Cheesy Pepperoni Pockets

Need a dinner that's ready in under 25 minutes? Enjoy these cheesy pepperoni pizza pockets made using Big & Flaky dinner rolls or crescent rolls! This kid-friendly lunch or dinner recipe is easy and mess-free.

These Mozzarella Stick Onion Rings Should Run For President

A recipe for mozzarella stuffed onion rings. a crispy outside with tender onion and melted cheese inside.texture: crispy outside creamy cheese inside. color: golden brown on the inside white on the inside. flavor: onion and mozzarella. temperature: hot.

Mexican Pizza

How about Mexican Pizzas for dinner? They're an easy, yummy recipe of layered flour tortillas with a filling of refried beans, shredded chicken and salsa. Top it off with a little enchilada sauce and cheese, bake for a few minutes, and you got yourself an incredible Mexican Pizza for dinner!

Baked Brown Rice

Brown rice gets a makeover with garlic and fresh herbs then baked until perfectly fluffy - this baked brown rice will be your new side dish staple!

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