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Single Mothers

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What you allow is what you'll get.

You will never admit the reality of your role in the fights Or your rage ,or your need to be in control. Lol i could barley drive the jeep I built. Yes we knows it's yours 101

This goes for abusive work relationships too.

attention to how often you were right about a person or situation in the past (reminds you that your instincts are good.) what qualities you want in friends and partners (reminds you to pay attention to what you want). other peopl

Whenever narcs and other abusers, go on the attack, it's not...

The NO CONTACT Rule. Does ignoring your ex work?

This is just the most accurate way to describe how/why the smear campaign begins. So very accurate! Surviving an emotionally abusive mother with narcissistic personality disorder and an enabling father and siblings

Narcissists project their faults and problems onto us and then blame us for their bad behaviour.

Narcissists (and other sorts of abusers) project their faults and problems onto us and then blame us for their bad behaviour.

Yep, sadly they use every tactic they know, romance romance romance sex sex sex, flowers  By the dozens, expensive gifts and trips until, UNTIL, they get you to be in love with them, of course they lie and say that they love you too.  Here’s the hard truth, now you are a total slave to them because you thought this was real.  Narcissistic abuse.  Nothing is real.

He has groomed you to be a constant source of admiration, attention, sex, affection, and nurturing. The piece that is missing is that the narcissist doesn't seem to believe that he should reciprocate.one sided relationship all the way.

These words describe one of my closest friends...and it shames me.

Who is the Narcissist? – This is a rant

You might fool hundreds, but I will always be the one who figured you out. That is so true isn't it Dina. You are very good at fooling people . Yup actually a lot of people have you figured out but I was the first to see your true ugliness.


You can only let someone throw so many stones at you before you pick them all up, put them together and build a wall to keep them from doing it again. ~ Makes life much easier. This is so true. Point well taken, and yes I agree!