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twinkletwinkleyoulittlefuck: “ why-animals-do-the-thing: “ bigbootyavocados: “ crimsoncatacombs: “ blazepress: “ Tortoise skeletons are the weirdest skeletons. ” I never wondered what they looked like before. I literally just gasped.

A turtle swims through a make-shift underwater car wash, surrounded by a bright shoal of yellow tangs eager to rid him of algae that had collected on his shell. Photographer Masa Ushioda captured the sight off the coast of Kailua Kona, in Hawaii. I swam with these sweeties. Epic.

Green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas ) being cleaned by herbivorous cleaner fish species Yellow tangs (Zebrasoma flavescens) and Gold-ring surgeonfish (Ctenochaetus strigosus) that graze algae off of turtle`s shell, at cleaning station, Kona, Hawaii

Meeresboden, das erstaunliche Leben der Meeresschildkröten

Créatures uniques qui habitent le fond marin

I enjoy this image because the colors of the turtles shell work really well with the blue water background and really make it pop out of the water.

From Ernst Haeckel’s Kunstformen der Natur (1904). A naturalist illustrator and writer, Haeckel painted a variety of organisms including arachnids, turtles, bryozoa, sea anemones, and others. Ascidian (Ascidiae)

Ascidian (Ascidiae) from Ernst Haeckel's "Kunstformen der Natur" (Art forms of Nature) of 1904 // About "Kunstformen Der Nature": // About Ernst Haeckel: // Tags: Vintage

fond marin, la vie incroyable des tortues de mer

Créatures uniques qui habitent le fond marin

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