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Here's What Happens When Architects Design Bus Stops

World famous architects including Sou Fujimoto, Smiljan Radic and Wang Shu design bus stops for a tiny Austrian village

When seven internationally acclaimed architects design sculptural bus stops for a tiny Austrian village

New Images Released of Krumbach, Austria's Famous Bus Stops


Ensamble Studio — a space that’s both protected and open, erected from the local technique of layering untreated wood planks.

LAS PARADAS DE AUTOBÚS MÁS BELLAS ¿Quién dice que no puede haber arte en TODAS partes? En Krumbach, Austria, Major Architects cambió las simples paradas de autobús en proyectos de diseño. El reemplazo fue bastante productivo, de tener posters de películas o publicidad mundana a tener obras de arte en las esquinas de la calle.

Image 7 of 17 from gallery of BUS:STOP Unveils 7 Unusual Bus Shelters by World Class Architects. Photograph by Yuri Palmin

bus stop Unterkrumbach Nord by Ensamble Studio 2014

bus stop Unterkrumbach Nord by Ensamble Studio 2014

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#ImagerySupport by Gini Martinez rockwhatsyours.com

#ImagerySupport by Gini Martinez rockwhatsyours.com